[IP] 48-Year-Old Multics Operating System Resurrected
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Dave Farber
2017-07-09 07:26:36 UTC
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While at Bell Labs, I was involved in the beginnings of Multics. Fond
memories! Dave

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48-Year-Old Multics Operating System Resurrected


The last native Multics system was shut down in 2000. After
more than a dozen years in hibernation a simulator for the
Honeywell DPS-8/M CPU was finally realized and, consequently,
Multics found new life... Along with the simulator an
accompanying new release of Multics -- MR12.6 -- has been
created and made available. MR12.6 contains many bug and Y2K
fixes and allows Multics to run in a post-Y2K,
internet-enabled world.

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