[IP] If You Get Your Face Scanned the Next Time You Fly, Here’s What You Should Know
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Dave Farber
2017-07-13 15:39:00 UTC
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Date: July 13, 2017 at 11:36:43 AM EDT
Subject: If You Get Your Face Scanned the Next Time You Fly, Here’s What You Should Know
Facial-recognition systems may indeed speed up the boarding process, as the airlines rolling them out promise. But the real reason they are cropping up in U.S. airports is that the government wants to keep better track of who is leaving the country, by scanning travelers’ faces and verifying those scans against photos it already has on file. The idea is that this will catch fake passports and make sure people aren’t overstaying their visas.
The practice is raising concerns among some legal experts, who say that the program may violate individual privacy protections and that Congress has not fully authorized it.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has partnered with airlines including JetBlue and Delta to introduce such recognition systems at New York’s JFK International Airport, Washington’s Dulles International, and airports in Atlanta, Boston, and Houston, among others. It plans to add more this summer. The effort is in response to a years-old mandate from Congress that DHS implement a biometric system for recording the entry and exit of non–U.S. citizens at all air, sea, and land ports of entry. Earlier this year, President Trump fast-tracked that mandate via executive order.
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